Our Culture

A message from our Franchisee

The best is what we're all about.

The best is what we're all about.

Maybe that’s why Golden Corral was voted #1 in grill-buffet segment for 14 years by Nation’s Restaurant News. Of course, that’s a direct tribute to the men and women who work here, pooling their resources and talents to create an affordable dining experience for families across America.

Whether you're directly serving a customer or helping those who do, you'll find this is not your ordinary restaurant opportunity. Yes, we work hard, but there's a lot of fun and energy throughout all of our restaurants. Individuals who take great pride in a job well done and ensuring our guests receive only the best.

So, we look for people with talent, commitment and passion to do what they do best — serve our guests or support those who do. And in return, we provide the recipe for a successful future.


At Golden Corral, we value the diversity of our employees, franchises, guests and suppliers by respecting the individual through communicating and providing a meaningful, inclusive environment where everyone has an equal opportunity to be successful and productive.

Company Vision

"To be the leader in the family restaurant segment by making pleasurable dining affordable for every guest, at every restaurant, every day."

Company Mission

"Making Pleasurable Dining Affordable."

Community Involvement

We Build our Business on Service to Others...

At Golden Corral Corporation, we believe in the importance of “giving back” to local charities, schools and non-profit organizations in support of our local communities. This spirit is not only felt at the Company Support Center in Raleigh, NC, but is a driving force in each of our restaurants in the way they do business.

Annually, our restaurants pay tribute to our military by hosting Military Appreciation Monday where we serve “thank you” dinners to active military personnel and veterans and raise money to support the Disabled American Veterans (DAV). Additionally, Golden Corral raises funds for Camp Corral , an all-inclusive, fun filled summer camp for the children of wounded or disabled military families, at no cost to them. We also support the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s ProStart program on a state and national level.

Golden Corral also supports numerous local, state and national charities in areas such as children’s interest, education, hunger, and medical research. To see how our values extend to the community at large, please see our giving statement.

IMC Corporate Giving Program

IMC, the parent company of Golden Corral Corporation and other holdings, is delighted that we have the opportunity to give back and support the community that has supported us. In our business, we are strategic and focused. We aim to be strategic and focused in our giving, because we want to see impact. If your organization is interested in seeking funding from our giving program, please see our guidelines below.

Focus areas for 2012

  • Children in need, particularly related to education and literacy

  • Hunger

Guidelines for giving

You must have tax-exempt status

IMC only supports organizations with 501(c)(3) status.

You must be in Wake County, NC

IMC is located in Raleigh, NC. We focus our corporate giving in Wake County because of our long history in this community, and because a narrow geographic focus allows our charitable dollars to make maximum impact.

If you are interested in support from a Golden Corral restaurant in your area, please visit our store locator list for contact information. Our local managers and franchisees are active in their communities and each restaurant maintains its own giving program, in addition to Golden Corral’s Military Appreciation Monday celebration and support of Camp Corral.

We give operating support

We prefer to focus our giving on operating support, not on events or capital campaigns, although we will occasionally consider these requests.

Giving levels

$2,500-$20,000 – Gifts at this level will be made to organizations doing work in our focus areas of children and hunger. These requests are evaluated quarterly. You may submit an application any time and it will be included in the next quarterly decision process. These grants are very competitive and we are only able to make gifts of this size to a small percentage of organizations that apply.

Partnership Gifts – Each year, we will select one to two organizations that are working very effectively in our focus areas, preferably working on both the needs of children and hunger simultaneously. These gifts will be in the range of $30,000 to $50,000. Only organizations we have worked with and know well will be eligible for these types of gifts. There is no formal application process for gifts at this level.

Additional giving

Employee Support

In addition to our focus areas, we are committed to supporting the work our employees do in the community. As we are able, we provide support to organizations that our employees support with their time, talent, and treasure. The amount of support will be correlated with the amount of involvement of our employee. These gifts usually fall in the range of $250-$2500. We do not provide support to controversial and/or political organizations. We do not support individuals participating in charity walks, runs, rides, etc. We will consider support for such events only if an employee has volunteered with the planning and coordination of the event. We are unable to support local athletic teams (Little League, etc.) because of the overwhelming number of teams in our community.


To apply for funding from IMCs giving program, please provide the following:

- A letter, no longer than 2 pages, describing your request. Please include information about the mission and work of your organization, the amount you are requesting, and what will be accomplished if you receive funding. Also, be sure to include a contact person.

- Your annual budget and most recent audited financials. If your organization is not large enough to have an audit, please send the last complete fiscal year’s financials.

- Your organization’s board list.

The above materials should be provided by email, if available to you. The email address is giving@investorsmanagement.com. If you are unable to submit your information online, you may send a hard copy to Easter Maynard, IMC, 5151 Glenwood Ave, Raleigh, NC 27612.

If we have follow up questions we will contact you. Otherwise, you will be included in the current quarter’s decision cycle and will be notified of the status of your application after it has been considered.

Company Beliefs

  • We build our business on service to others.

  • We treat customers as we would guests in our homes.

  • We strive to always provide value that is unequaled.

  • We value the diversity of our employees, franchisees, guests, and suppliers by demonstrating respect for the individual and providing meaningful work opportunities.

  • We foster the betterment of our people by promoting education, strong work ethics and investment in personal growth.

  • We promote good health, high personal integrity, the free enterprise system, good citizenship, and personal ownership.

  • We are proud of the total product we offer our customers, strive to be the best in class and we are relentlessly committed to insure the standards are met.

  • We never stop striving to improve.

  • We are honest in all that we do.

  • We remember to give thanks to God for the opportunities given to us.